To create any new results in your life requires a shift in mindset

Hypnosis is here to work for you now.  Hypnotherapy, done properly, only takes a few sessions and the results can last a lifetime. David will use hypnotic techniques to remove the faulty programming from your brain and help you to establish new, neural connections that will train your brain to be successful in your chosen goal.

His general philosophy is ‘only look back if it can help you see further ahead’. And if you do need to examine how the past is affecting your life. David will use regression hypnotherapy to examine core beliefs and eliminate the problem from the source. What is more, David will strengthen coping skills you have learned along the way.

Hypnosis activates a powerful process for releasing the past and shape your deep subconscious triggers that create attraction. Discover how you are motivated and attracted subconsciously and what to do with that.


The New, New You

Most common goals can be achieved in three to five sessions. Although most of David’s clients notice immense improvements after the first session, David believes it is essential to strengthen those changes and to provide the right kind of therapy that will turn temporary change into long-term results.

For many people, smoking and other bad habits such as food cravings and food addictions, phobias and confidence issues can be eliminated in just a few sessions with remarkable headway made from day one. He believes his role is to help people to put themselves first for a while so they can become the best version of themselves.